Bru-Hayshi dead, note insects, Doobisee
scientist killed by animals on Mars

PIA08423-001PIA02157_hithumbrock gong-gong-003note hand feeding mouth, lower left

DooBiSee skin

PIA11744_hithumbPIA13266_hithumbPIA12202_hithumb-001more bodies in mud, Marscopy of hitthumbmars- white beings.note fists and mouthsnote hand feeding mouth to lower left

corpse covered with doobisee
people in black uniforms climbing cliffs on Mars
note train or convoy ,upper left
mars detail, man in black,doobisdee and a sm. one , dead?
mars detail, man in black, another further down the spiral

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Digital Camera
emergency pod ejected from a crashing ship- may have corpse in it, frozen in ice

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PIA13947_hithumbthumb prints-1
aerial view of rooftop, Mars, an apartment from old mars

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Bru-Hayshi dead, note insects, Doobisee

Yeti on Mars – apparently ship wrecked there
#87C "Big Foot"s or Yeti Cryptids in snow trying to help fallen one
#87C “Big Foot”s or Yeti Cryptids in snow trying to help fallen one


Something upsetting just happened to me today. I listened to an “Amaze Lab” offering on my news page. Now, I truly do enjoy most of the amaze lab videos. However, this one was so far off base, that I felt that I had to write a rebuttal. The video spoke of how we would get so much more radiation on Mars and that we would become shorter due to differences in gravity. They spoke of genetic mutations that would eventually render it impossible for Earthlings and Martians to have children together. Now it is time for me to try to explain why I see all of this as ludicrous. Because of the distance from the sun, Martians would actually receive less radiation than we do, and I am told that the atmosphere is actually denser than ours, even though it is breathable with almost the same amount of oxygen as earth. This is why photos that our rovers have sent to us show a prevailing orange-brown haze that is present approximately 90% of the time. Particulate matter as well as distance shields Mars from the sun’s radiation. But is this why I see it all as ludicrous? No.

In 2010-2014, I published my first book “To Help Lost Souls Find Home” and I began taking photos and writing my second book, “A Silent Invasion: The Truth About Aliens, Alien Abductions and UFOs”. At that time, I came upon a NASA website that had photos from the Mars Rover. I wanted to create a screen saver from a few of them, so I saved a few. With my usual curiosity, I decided to enlarge them and have a closer look. I had been told by my Spirit Guides that Earth and Mars had been inhabited a very long time ago. They had a disagreement over a number of things, not the least of which was slavery. Mars had slaves and they were not very kind to them. A war broke out between the two planets and in a fortnight, both planets and an experimental domed community on Uranus were destroyed. Tiamet, a moon of Mars, was also destroyed. It is possible that the rubble from that moon  contributed to Saturn’s rings. It was known at that time that something had been happening to Mars even before the war. People were going mad, and it was suspected that a military biological weapon might have been accidentally unleashed. They had begun eating a type of giant sand worm, and we now know that they contain a protein that our bodies can’t digest. The result is madness. Biological weapon or sandworm, the result was devastating to them.When our Rover flew over and landed on Mars , it photographed some of the ruins left from that time period. Ruins from a planet that had known much sadness . I stared at the images that I had enlarged and as I did, I saw layers of people, transparent but there from different times, different dress. Some like us, some a bit different than us. I am told that the Martians then were shorter, hairier, and a bit stockier than we are today. That might be due to the colder winters and the difference in gravity- chalk up one for Amaze Lab! However, Earthlings did intermarry and live on Mars before the war. I also saw something else- a people in black uniforms, with a purplish skin , apparently exploring the Mars landscape. I also saw animals, some rather odd in appearance. I saw spaceship wreckage and I saw one animal with a corpse of a man under it and the head of the man in it’s mouth. I was contacted by one of these people- scientists, they said. They were intuitive enough to know that they had been observed. They wanted to know why I was showing such an interest. The animals were killing them one by one and I listened in horror as the last of them was screaming and being killed. The animals broke into their living area and killed them. These people gave up their claim on Mars after that. The ocean water, indeed, all of Mars water is mostly hydrochloric acid and has been since the war. The soil is poisonous- it grows food, but it will kill the person who eats it. Since 2010, at least three different groups of people have tried to live there and they could not. They had to have a water reclamation system that recycles urine and waste water to drink and bathe, like a space ship must have. The dangerous wildlife lurked in the shadows of the ruins, waiting to kill them. It was far too costly and took too long to get food and other supplies there. With our slow transportation, it would not work at all. Another word about the dangerous wildlife- there was a genetics experimentation lab there, and many of these creatures may have escaped or been set free from this lab. I am told that the lab has closed , but another world has continued to claim ownership of Mars.  They do not want Earthmen to show up  on their territory. The last group destroyed the old ruins before they left, so that the creatures could not hide in them. All of the groups reported seeing imprints from the madness of Mars past, the cruelty shown to slaves and other atrocities. Imprints that “play” over and over, in this poisonous and hostile landscape. War and madness has stripped Mars of it’s ability to support life.

What is the lesson to be learned? Mars cannot be our safety net, our refuge. We do not have a home there, we MUST LEARN INSTEAD TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF THE WORLD THAT WE DO HAVE.


Spring Reflections

The Easter/Passover season is traditionally a time  to reflect upon the sacrifices made for mankind. Whether you see Jesus as the Christian Saviour  or the Jewish Messiah (which is what I am told that he was sent here to be) this humble man, the son of a carpenter, began a ministry of love and brotherhood that ultimately ended in his death upon the cross. Whether Saviour or Messiah, most will agree that he was a teacher- a Rabbi, a prophet and someone to respect.  Since the celebration of his birth this past Christmas season, I have been reminded of his sacrifice and courage during a time when the political climate turned against him.  Changes always come. Politically, socially, and on a personal level as well. I ran into a person that I once knew, a long time ago. We were at odds  and being younger at the time, I held a lot of resentment and anger unresolved. What I discovered by this reunion is that we were no longer the same two people.  Gone are  the rough edges and grudges from the past. Time has mellowed us, as it does most things. Even the mightiest of mountain ranges become rolling hills in time. In the past several years, I have had to accept many things as true. My mother’s failing health and my own health issues, for one. As we age, as time passes, we accept that we will never sing an aria, or write a great play. Our art work will never hang in a museum, and I know with unfailing certainty that I will never be picked for an Olympic team. However, I also know that for every one of us, our creator has a job, a task that we are here to perform. It may be to raise the next generation or to perform our jobs well, no matter what they might be. We are here to learn from each other every day and to help one another in any way we can. Sacrifices may be called for as well. Forgive one another, try to always love the other guy no matter what comes between you, and try to keep an open heart and mind. Someone once said that “forgiveness is the scent of the rose on the heel of the one who crushed it”. In 2018, I am praying to become more forgiving and less quick to anger. More prayerful and less dependent upon my own impulses for direction. Anger and frustration are a faulty compass. A little more than 23 years ago I prayed to be made an instrument of our Father’s peace and it is toward this that I will continue to aspire, until it is  time to take my leave. What can we all do toward that end? Pray. It is something that we often see as useless or the second best thing to do today.  I have had prayers answered and  I know that we are heard. We are heard by our Father in Heaven, we are heard by our Spirit Guides and others in Heaven who work with us daily. We are heard by our Universal God and Creator. We have become,I think, a society that follows  technology as our god far too often. We were taught to pray long before coming to Earth. Perhaps prayer is the first original sound of creation, perhaps  our Universal Creator also prays. As a force for change, I see prayer as a highly underestimated force for good, for peace as well as for change universally.

My prayer today is for all of Father’s children-  Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish , Christian and Muslim as well as all other faiths

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that we join in prayer for worldwide peace, tolerance and good will. Not just for this season of  hope but for every day forward into infinity. Prayer and tolerance are indeed the key to this, to a better world, no matter what obstacles await us. Within this year, we may face a world war, we may have many more disastrous storms, or other types of disasters. We must learn to hold hands with one another regardless of race, color or creed. We must learn tolerance and acceptance because we truly are brothers and sisters under one Father. May all of us have a safe and blessed spring. Namaste -I say this blessing, because I really do recognize the enlightened one in us all. All we need do is to ask for this and our Father will show us the way.



It is with a true sense of disgust that I am witnessing the happenings in our country. Our country of America , founded on the premise that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. America, known as a great melting pot of cultures and religions, with a constitution that states that all men are free to worship as they choose. After the last seven months with the Trump Administration, I would not be surprised if the statue of Liberty lifted her robes and began walking back to France!

Last Saturday, several shameful things happened that resulted in the death of a young woman. The march of Neo-Nazis and  Ku Klux Klan demonstrators through Charlottesville, Virginia was upsetting enough for me to hear. I lived in Charlottesville for a number of years, and I remember it as a quiet and conservative college town, a small city with growing pains that were being dealt with. A small city filled with decent people.  A town where my friends still reside. In my 62 years upon this earth, not once can I recall hate groups marching down the streets of Charlottesville.

February 13, 2018

I did not post this after that event but I decided to post it now. That episode in Charlottesville Va. was shameful. The disunity that has unfortunately always existed between people of different races and cultures and different faiths has gotten worse in this past year. We are on the cusp of war! We could end up in a world war. We must stop nit-picking and back biting in Washington DC and everywhere else, and prepare in case such a scenario does come upon us. We must stand together against evil in all of its forms, including prejudice and ignorance. We must pray together for peace, for tolerance and for love for one another, for all of us in this country and beyond! Every one of us is so much more than the color of our skin, or the faith that we hold to, and we are ALL AMERICANS, REGARDLESS OF ANY OF THAT! CHILDREN OF ONE FATHER.  THEREFORE, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AND WE MUST ALL ACT THAT WAY AND BE PROUD OF OUR SIMILARITIES AS WELL AS OUR DIFFERENCES. That is truly what will make America great again, not empty political promises that come and go every few years. Love , tolerance and peace – these are what endure. These are what will make us strong.

Excerpt from “A Murder At Jackson’s Reach”

This is the excerpt from my first novel, as promised. Here is a bit of background information-

The main character is Abigail Fenton, who has been clairvoyant since birth. Abby is vegetarian. She is a nurse at a small hospital, and she loves plants, animals and nature. When she is troubled she likes to go camping, to think things over, and to find peace and quiet. She is in her early thirties, brown hair, green eyes, normal weight and build. This excerpt is from one such camping trip-


Abby pulled into her campsite. Rolling down the window, she took a deep lingering breath of fresh air. No smog, no auto exhaust, just the green mossiness of the forest mixed with the smell of stagnant lake water. The lake stretched out before her and the sun was now low on the horizon, it’s orange hues spilling out over the calm reflectiveness of the water. Soon it would be dark and the creatures of the woods were chattering to one another, and scurrying behind the cover of the bushes. She unpacked her coffee pot and stove and began to set up camp. A squirrel playfully peeked around an overhead branch, hoping for a bite of her supper. Abigail smiled up at him as she built a fire in the fire pit. She felt a relaxed calm wash over her and her shoulders lowered. Some how, it always felt as if she had arrived home. Before long, she sat at the weathered old picnic table , coffee mug in hand , and watched as the sun silently slipped below the dark waters of the lake. So quiet, so peaceful with only an occasional splash as a fish broke the water, jumping at the moon, and the slap of the lake water against it’s banks. She lit her lantern, sitting it on the table.

It was nearly time for the task that she dreaded. It was time for the lonely walk to the bath house, down a path that the woods had nearly reclaimed. The path had no light, other than her flashlight, which was of very little comfort.

“Show me a woman alone in the woods, and I’ll show you a fool” her mother used to say. It was at this point in every camping trip that Abby began to wonder if her mother could be right.

“Oh, well, it’s the price you pay for such a great view” she said to herself, as she gathered up her flashlight and toothbrush. Spraying herself with insect repellent , she began what was to be a short walk into very dark woods. A gust of ice cold air blew against her back. Startled, she turned around and strained to see into the blackness, then continued on toward the bath house. It was a still night, barely any breeze off of the water. What was that? What had that been? She heard the crunch of shoes on gravel, and of sticks breaking under foot. Another burst of icy air blew hard against her face. She quickened her pace, nearly running. It was then that she heard a man’s laughter. Not amused laughter, but evil.

“What shall we do with her?” one voice hissed. “She is too small for us to eat…” another voice said, then more mirthless laughter. She broke into a full gallop, adrenaline propelling her forward through the brush. Forward into something in front of her, knocking her off of her feet. Was it a tree? No. She heard a woman’s voice say “Are you OK?” Abby stood up and brushed herself off.

“I’m OK, Are you? I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going…” Abby stammered.

The woman laughed. She shined her flashlight into Abby’s red face, beaded with perspiration.

“I know how you feel, Honey, This trail scares the hell outta me too!”



A First Novel- “A Murder at Jackson’s Reach”

I recently took a class in Women’s Literature. This is not the torrid romance novel, although it can be. Those are included within women’s lit. Women’s literature refers to a relationship driven novel with a strong female lead character. I am not the type to write the sexy romance stories , but the idea of a strong female lead appeals. However, I have a confession to make- I took the class out of curiosity, without an idea one about beginning a novel! One of the first lessons had us telling the instructor what we were going to write and to give her information about the plot and the lead character! Oh-Oh… Well I made my lead character a clairvoyant , who likes to help find the missing , helping the police. She is a nurse at a small hospital (sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?) I was a nurse for 30 years until I retired. So I have begun this novel, with a strong female character who gets herself in trouble with a group of Voudon (Voodoo) practitioners while she tries to solve a double murder. Obviously this is fiction, although it is a desire of mine to help find missing persons and I do send in information from time to time to police. The beginning incident is based on something that did happen to me – but I can’t give that away as yet! This will be my first attempt at fiction. I have written two non-fiction books- “To Help Lost Souls Find Home”, Xlibris 2010, and “A Silent Invasion: The Truth About Aliens, Alien Abductions and UFOs” Schiffer Publishing LTD., 2014. Both are available at and other on line book sellers. Will this book be published? I don’t know, as yet. I will be working on this a little at a time and I am hoping to begin a freelance writing business, if all goes well! Now, for the fun part- I am going to put an excerpt of my novel in my next blog. I am counting on my readers to tell me if I should go forward with the book, or not! I am not afraid of criticism as long as it is productive and not hateful. Thanks in advance and in a day or so I’ll be posting the excerpt. Namaste’!

How Are We To Survive The Days Ahead?

Before our president’s 100 days were up, Mr. Trump has been tested with North Korean leader Kin Jong Un’s bravado and poorly veiled threats. He has had to decide what to do about Serin gas being used on Syrian civilians by their own leader, Bashar al-Assad. He has faced failure in a number of other areas, and he can’t seem to get off of  Twitter long enough to actually lead our country. His presidency has also greatly increased the gap between  both sides of the aisle and we are narrowly avoiding a government shut down! His presidency has also left the American people spinning with all of this uncertainty and with the uncomfortable feeling that there isn’t anyone watching the store. Let us all pray that this isn’t how our enemies see it. We must not let this happen again! We must enact legislation to prevent people from running for president unless they have some political experience, or a law degree or some type of public servant/office position . This should never have happened to our country! The highest office in our land should never be used as the teething ring for gaining political experience. Since I am airing a few pet peeves, allow me please, to air one more- why in heaven’s name, do we need a White House press conference daily? Wasn’t it the White House that said that a security briefing was only needed once a week instead of daily? Mr. President, a word (I believe) to the wise- if you have no new news, no stable policy in action and you are “winging it”, stop the tweets and stop the bogus press conferences in which Sean Spicer has to explain the unexplainable, or restate the obvious. Never, in our history has a president constantly blabbed about everything this way. We would only hear about something after it was done or in the process of being done. The briefing was always very stern, official and brief. There is just so much FAKE news that the American public can take!!!

Is America Becoming “Great Again”?


Let me be clear- I have always seen our Country as great. Our current President has implied that our country has become no longer great, but we little people- you know, “We the People ” , can expect to be saved by a business man who has no prior experience in politics, not even a mayor in a small town. Personally,  I have always told others that I do not wish to join one party or the other. I prefer to decide on a case by case basis what I feel about each candidate, before I cast my vote.It has been getting more difficult due to the mudslinging and candidates seem to be without any real platform.  I do not like party politics. Never before in our history has it been made more clear just how damaging party politics can be! We have now elected a president who is stuck somewhere on the campaign trail, and who continues to sling mud and make excuses for his lacking performance. How? By throwing insults at the Democratic Party instead of standing tall with his shoulders back and his head up, responsible for his own actions. This is clearly a “James Bond” type of presidency- When anything is in question or goes wrong, they throw down oil and put up a smoke screen instead of going back to the drawing board and making it right. It has been my experience that after the campaigning is over with, most presidents give a reconciling speech, asking both sides of the aisle to hold hands again and to work together for the good of our country. Now, instead of trying to bring us all together as he promised ( but most campaign promises are made of pie crust, aren’t they?) He continues to point fingers at former President Obama and the Democratic Party. Well, it just doesn’t work any more, does it? Our country is still great , this I truly believe. However, we are cutting a sadly comic figure internationally because we elected a novice with no experience. In my opinion, what would improve this situation is to do away with the party system, and have candidates run only on their platform and qualifications. Pass a law that requires all presidential candidates to have some form of prior experience, even head dog catcher would better than none. Then we need to search our souls as to why this happened- did the Russians do this? Maybe. This is the first time that riots followed an election, at least that I recall. But we also did this to ourselves- we pushed aside the most experienced and qualified candidate because she isn’t as charismatic and the number one reason, I believe, is this-many simply didn’t like the fact that she was wearing a skirt.